"We create the right solution for you!"

STRECON is developing, manufacturing, and delivering high-quality products and machinery solutions to global industries.

We are a leading manufacturer within our business areas:

Prestressing tool systems for precision forging, high-pressure synthesis, and high-pressure experiments.

Machines and equipment for Robot Assisted Polishing for 2D and 3D molds and tools, Tool Assembly Presses, and Yaw Ring Measuring System.

STRECON is also developing customized machinery and equipment solutions for individual customers.

Finally, STRECON takes a pride in being the selected Scandinavian agent of Felss Systems for machines of rotary swaging and high-precision spline forming as well as the distributor of carbide tooling from Japan.

Product overview

Prestressing Tool Systems

Prestressing Tool Systems

Different prestressing tools for precision forging

Precision Forging (PF)

Prestressing tools and die alignment system for belt type systems and the Toroid anvils system

High-Pressure Synthesis (HPS)

STRECON high-pressure vessel with cooling system

High-Pressure Experiments (HPE)

Carbide tooling from Japan

Carbide Tooling from Japan

Machine & Equipment Solutions

Machine & Equipment Solutions

STRECON Robot Assisted Polishing machine for precision polishing of 2D round, flat, and 3D curved surfaces

Robot Assisted Polishing (RAP)

High-Pressure lab press system for high-pressure experiments

HPE Press System

Tool Assembly Press (TAP) for assembly and dissassembly of metal forming tools

Tool Assembly Press (TAP)

STRECON customized machine solution for individual customer

Special Equipment Solutions

Customer references

We thrive to become strategic partners with our customers.

We develop, design, and deliver our product and equipment solutions to a broad variety of customers in global industries and academic institutions.

The solutions are based on unique technologies which have been developed, matured, and optimized over the years in collaboration with both customers and universities.

STRECON Customer References


STRECON A/S is a Danish midsize company, which is located in Sonderborg close to the German border. STRECON is the leading developer and manufacturer of prestressing tool systems based on the stripwinding technology. The same technology is used for different press products. In recent years STRECON has taken a lead in developing a robotic machine system for precision polishing of tools and molds with high requirements to the surface quality. Furthermore, STRECON is developing and manufacturing special machinery and equipment solutions for individual customers. Most of the manufacturing as well as assembly and testing are done in-house.

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