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STRECON A/S is a Danish midsized company and a leading developer and manufacturer of prestressing tool systems and hydraulic presses based on the stripwinding technology.

STRECON has also taken a lead in developing a robotic machine system for high-precision polishing of tools and molds with high requirements, dimensions, and surface quality.

Furthermore, STRECON is developing and manufacturing special machinery and equipment solutions for individual customers.

Most of the manufacturing as well as assembly and testing are done in-house at STRECON’s own facilities.

The STRECON logo shown on the building of the headquaters in Sønderborg, Denmark
The STRECON headquarter building in Sønderborg, Denmark


STRECON originates from Danfoss and was started as a new product line in the 1980’ties with Dr. Jens Grønbæk as the creator and head of the new business unit. Dr. Grønbæk developed the technology of prestressing forging dies by stripwinding at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). STRECON was established as an independent company in 2001 and is fully owned by the management, Erik Lund and Christian Jepsen.

The technology was initially developed for advanced cold forging applications but has over the years been developed and matured for a broad range of stripwound container applications including cold and warm forging, synthesis of industrial diamonds/CBN, high-pressure experiments at universities and research centers, and other high-pressure applications. The technology is also known as the STRECON container system, and STRECON is now introducing a new tool system marketed as Die Block System, applicable for horizontal and vertical press machines.

The stripwinding technique has also been developed for the prestressing of press frames and applied for compact tool assembly presses (TAP), and a new type of HP/HT press machine "HPE Press".

In addition to the stripwinding technology, STRECON has taken a lead in developing a robot machine system for surface polishing of 2D and 3D tools and molds. The machine system is marketed as RAP, Robot Assisted Polishing.

STRECON is founded on strong niche technologies, and our mission is to offer unique products and equipment solutions for customers in global industries. We engage in different research and development activities, and we have our headquarters and main manufacturing activities in Sonderborg, located in the Southern part of Denmark.

Our customers belong to the leading players in their own industry. They acknowledge the quality and technologies of STRECON’s products and industrial equipment solutions. We aim at designing and delivering industrial solutions for various production needs in favor of the customer’s competitiveness and bottom-line profitability.


STRECON is owned and managed by Erik Lund and Christian Jepsen

Erik Lund
Managing Director
General Management and Sales
MBA, M.Sc. Economics

Christian Jepsen
Technical Director
R&D, Design, and Manufacturing
M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

Board of Directors

STRECON has 5 members of the Board 


Lars Thorup Aaen

Torben Schrøder-Jørgensen
Board member

Povl Nielsen
Board member

Erik Lund
Board member

Christian Jepsen
Board member

Visit us

The STRECON headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Sonderborg, Denmark can easily be reached by car, train, and flight. The region is located close to the German border with easy access to highway connections from the north and south. Hamburg Airport is situated about 200 kilometers from Sonderborg.

The local airport is situated 6 kilometers from STRECON, and with Alsie Express from Copenhagen Airport, it only takes 35 minutes to get to Sonderborg.

The area of Sonderborg plays a central role in Danish history and is beautifully surrounded by sea, forest, and a hilly landscape. In addition to farming, the region is also known for its industrial activities in energy optimization such as the ProjectZero with close cooperation between the citizens and companies to make Sonderborg CO2 neutral by 2029.

The regional business community is especially recognized for its big and global companies such as Danfoss, Linak, Alfa Laval, Abena, and Ecco but also companies like Vestas, Maersk, and LEGO as well as a large number of small and medium-sized companies. 

The Sonderborg region is also a great tourist destination that is worth a visit. Popular tourist attractions include Sønderborg Castle at the harbor, Dybbøl Mølle - the center of the Schleswig war in 1864, and the royal summer residence Gråsten Palace. The city has also been selected as the finish town of Grand Départ Denmark for the Tour de France in 2022.

Overview of Sønderborg City


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