STRECON Compact Containers

High-strength compact prestressing container made by the stripwinding technique. The basic structure of the container is comparable to the SC200(+) / SC400(+) STRECON containers but in a more compact design. By avoiding features like assembly holes, shoulders, slots, or grooves, the outer casing of the container is kept as small as possible. That way there is room for the stripwinding, which creates the strength of the container. Compact containers can be as small as Ø36 in outer diameter, while still offering the increased strength and prestressing capabilities of STRECON containers.

As no fixtures for assembly are available in STRECON compact containers, they should be mounted in a tool block and fixed axially. This also gives the possibility of providing some axial prestress in addition to the radial prestressing.

The compact design enables the use of high-strength STRECON containers in small installation spaces. That is why its main use is in horizontal forming machines for fastener production. The tooling can be integrated in forming machines from all manufacturers such as Hatebur, Sakamura, National, Nedschroef, and SACMA.

In the case of Hatebur AKP machine type, STRECON offers a complete Die Block System for direct installation in the machine.

In addition to the horizontal forming machines, the STRECON compact container-design can also be used in vertical forming machines due to its low weight, reduced price tag, and limited installation space. 

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