Complete Belt Type System for R&D

STRECON is offering a complete belt type tool system that is specifically designed for R&D activities. A typical cell size would be ø25-50 mm measured as the ID of the carbide die.

The delivery could be a complete R&D tool system including the carbide die and anvil tooling, which is customized to the frame conditions of the high-pressure press. The cell heating system is normally integrated with the controls system of the high-pressure press but can be included in the R&D tool system package. Specific design considerations and calculations are required in each case.

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A complete belt type tool system designed for R&D activities
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STRECON Container for the Belt Type System made by the stripwinding technique

Container for the Belt Type System

Wear Ring & Cooling Ring to mount on top and bottom side of die container

Wear Ring & Cooling Ring

Cooling steel plates to be assembled on the top and bottom side of the STRECON container by prestressing

Cooling System

STRECON Tool Alignment System for horizontal alignment of the die container in a belt type system

Tool Alignment System (ALS)

STRECON prestressing tool for the Toroid HPS system

STRECON Container for the Toroid System

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