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In addition to a standard press for high-pressure experiments, STRECON can also develop, manufacture, and deliver a HPE press solution that is specified and designed in collaboration with a specific customer. For example, it could be an end-loaded piston cylinder apparatus with special features, or a belt-type press widely applied within the HPS business of synthesis of industrial diamonds. In such projects, we devote additional effort to understanding the special requirements at stake as well as preparing our sketch proposal and quotation accordingly.

A customized press solution would be based on STRECON’s technologies in high-pressure tooling, high-strength stripwound press frames, hydraulic powerpack systems, heating devices, and cooling systems as well as compact, safe, and easy to operate press designs. For further information and inspiration, please consult the product description of the standard HPE press.

For example, a customized HPE piston press solution can be built with 1000T or higher if needed, and the press force can be split and adjusted between the needed cell pressure and the end-load. The process pressure can be designed for 6GPa or higher if needed.

Please contact STRECON for information and project inquiries relevant to a customized press solution.

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