Customized Tool Solutions

Most applications can be addressed effectively with a standard stripwound container design, for example SC 200 for a high-strength solution, or an SC E+ for a prestressing tool system offering both strength, stiffness, and durability (i.e. extended reusability of the prestressing tool). However, in some cases, we need to work out special container designs that fit the specific frame conditions of a customer’s press equipment. In such cases, we devote additional effort to understanding these special conditions and prepare our sketch proposal and quotation accordingly. Specific calculations are required in each case.

Example of a special-designed stripwound container solution are seen to the right

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Customized prestressing tool solutions for customer's press equipment
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STRECON Prestressing Tool System H-Type for horizontal presses

PTS - Prestressing Tool System / H-Type

STRECON Prestressing Tool System V-Type for vertical press machines

PTS - Prestressing Tool System / V-Type

STRECON stripwound containers SC 200 and SC 400 for radial prestressing

SC 200 / SC 400

STRECON stripwound containers SC 200+ and SC 400+ for radial prestressing

SC 200+ / SC 400+ | E+ Container Type

STRECON SC AXI-FIT stripwound container system for radial and axial prestressing of forming dies for cold and warm forming applications


STRECON compression ring of two or three rings designed for radial prestressing of forming dies

Double Ring

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