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The tool alignment system (ALS) developed for the horizontal alignment of the die container in belt type HPS applications can be customized to the specific needs of a customer. The originally designed ALS system offers anti-tilt prevention, height positioning, and mechanical tool centering combined with a very high torque (much higher than 1 million Nm), but it may not be the optimal ALS solution for another tool/press setup. Based on the ALS technology (see also the ALS system description), STRECON is offering to design, manufacture, and install customized ALS solutions based on an equipment specification made in collaboration with a customer.

ALS can also be applied to other industrial applications that would benefit from improved horizontal alignment of a tool system or a comparable mechanical system. The alignment system works as a separate machine system and I/O connected to the master control of the main system, however subject to specific design considerations and calculations in each case.

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A custom alignment system for horizontal alignment
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Tool Alignment System (ALS)

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