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In some cases, a special tool assembly press solution is required. STRECON has for many years developed, manufactured, and delivered customized machines and production equipment for individual customers including press equipment solutions for tool assembly. In such cases, we devote additional effort to understanding the special requirements at stake as well as preparing our sketch proposal and quotation accordingly.

Normally we design the equipment solutions with press frames compressed by stripwinding. This technique simply offers the strongest and most compact equipment solution. However, for press equipment up to approx. 150 ton press force may not be optimal, and a conventional design approach would be considered.

In all cases, however, we develop and build high-quality press equipment solutions for ensuring a safe, reliable, and proper assembly and disassembly of tools and molds used for mass production, development, and testing.

A customized press solution can be featured with the force/stroke module, time delay, and axial prestressing as well as other features required by the customer. A customized press project could also include auxiliary tools needed for assembly, die setting, and disassembly.

Please contact STRECON for information and project inquiries relevant to a customized press solution.

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Customized tool assembly press solutions
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TAP 300T / 650T

The Tool Assembly Press with press force 250T to 500T

TAP 250T / 500T

The Tool Assembly Press with press force 100T to 150T

TAP 100T / 150T

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