Transfer Systems

Felss Transfer Systems allow time-saving production of ready-to-install components in just one machine run. The transfer system is designed and built as modular systems interlinking different technologies. This is possible because of the core competencies within the Felss Systems combined with other technologies such as turning and milling, stamping, rolling, and marking. Semi-finished products can thus be processed to the ready-to-install stage in one pass. The Felss Transfer Systems also allow systems to be integrated for feature testing such as cameras or measurement and test stations.

The advantages of Felss Transfer Systems are the ready-to-install light-weight parts in just one machine run, which minimizes the work in process as well as handling and personnel costs. The forming processes also run in quick succession and it is, therefore, a time-saving component production.

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Transfer system from Felss for time-saving production of components
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