Product Program / High-Pressure Experiments

Prestressing tool solutions and systems for HP/HT experiments performed by end-loaded and non end-loaded vessel systems.

Applicable for HP/HT experiments up to 50 kbar pressure level.

STRECON high-pressure vessel made by the stripwinding technique

STRECON High-Pressure Vessel
High-strength container (or vessel) made by the stripwinding technique

Carbide core and Piston for exchanging the carbide core at breakage.

Carbide Core and Piston
Exchange of the carbide core at breakage. The service normally also includes the piston

Precision-machined cooling steel plates to be assembled to the top and bottom side of the STRECON high-pressure vessel by prestressing

Cooling System
Cooling system assembled to each side of the HP vessel and provides direct cooling of the carbide core

Complete high-pressure vessel system including the vessel, piston and cooling system

Complete High-Pressure Vessel System
Complete high-pressure vessel package including the vessel, piston, cooling system, and other tool components needed for the tool system

STRECON High-Pressure Experiments (HPE) Press specifically designed for high-pressure experiments

HPE Press with HP Vessel Tooling
Hydraulic piston cylinder press designed specifically for high-pressure experiments

STRECON customized solution for high-pressure experiments

Customized HP Vessel Solutions
Special-designed HP vessel solutions for customer's press equipment

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