STRECON High-Pressure Vessel

High-strength container (or vessel) made by the stripwinding technique. The inner core of the container is of hardened tool steel, and the steel strip material can withstand up to 200° C. The outer steel ring is assembled to the stripwound section by heat shrinkage.

The STRECON container is about twice as strong as a standard vessel and offers the unique capability to optimize the radial prestressing of the carbide core (for example by 1,2%) while remaining itself in a fully elastic state. This unique product feature offers three important merits: Allows for a higher core pressure (up to 6 GPa), improved service life of the carbide core, and a prestressing tool (i.e. stripwound vessel) that can be reused numerous times at full capacity. Specific calculations are required in each case.

The stripwound high-pressure vessel is applied for the piston cylinder apparatus and can be designed for end-loaded and non end-loaded experimental setups depending on customer needs.

The high-pressure vessels are normally designed for carbide bore sizes of ½”, ¾”, and 1” but can easily be designed for other bore sizes. The high-pressure vessel is typically in the size range of 200-350 mm and is often made as a 1:1 replacement of the standard vessel with a stripwound vessel from STRECON.

STRECON’s product delivery normally includes the carbide core and related carbide pistons. The carbide core is assembled into the high-pressure vessel and made ready to use at delivery.

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High-pressure stripwound vessel for the piston cylinder apparatus
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Carbide core and Piston for exchanging the carbide core at breakage.

Carbide Core and Piston

Precision-machined cooling steel plates to be assembled to the top and bottom side of the STRECON high-pressure vessel by prestressing

Cooling System

Complete high-pressure vessel system including the vessel, piston and cooling system

Complete High-Pressure Vessel System

STRECON High-Pressure Experiments (HPE) Press specifically designed for high-pressure experiments

HPE Press with HP Vessel Tooling

STRECON customized solution for high-pressure experiments

Customized HP Vessel Solutions

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