Complete High-Pressure Vessel System

STRECON is offering a complete high-pressure vessel package including the vessel, piston, cooling system, and other required tool components that take part in the mechanical high-pressure tool system. Such projects are usually requested for new test setups with higher cell pressure or fulfilling a need for a complete replacement of old and worn-out tooling, and designed for the existing apparatus and new press equipment; see also the section “HPE Press”.

The high-pressure vessel system can be designed to accommodate different carbide bore sizes, and in this way made as a strong and flexible high-pressure system with a long service life. Specific calculations are required in each case. 

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Complete high-pressure vessel system for the piston cylinder apparatus
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STRECON high-pressure vessel made by the stripwinding technique

STRECON High-Pressure Vessel

Carbide core and Piston for exchanging the carbide core at breakage.

Carbide Core and Piston

Precision-machined cooling steel plates to be assembled to the top and bottom side of the STRECON high-pressure vessel by prestressing

Cooling System

STRECON High-Pressure Experiments (HPE) Press specifically designed for high-pressure experiments

HPE Press with HP Vessel Tooling

STRECON customized solution for high-pressure experiments

Customized HP Vessel Solutions

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