HPE Press

The HPE Press is a hydraulic piston cylinder apparatus for high-pressure and high-temperature testing at universities and laboratories.

The piston cylinder system is especially useful in geoscience, geochemistry, geotechnical engineering, mineralogy, petrology, earth science, rock deformation,
and similar laboratory research.

The HPE Press is designed for 320T in press frame but can be customized to other press needs.

Piston cylinder apparatus for high-pressure experiments

HPE Piston Cylinder Press System
Hydraulic piston cylinder press with end load designed specifically for high-pressure experiments

The tri-piston cylinder press with torsion on Sigma-1 piston

HPE Triaxial Piston Cylinder Press System
Hydraulic end loaded piston cylinder press for high-pressure testing with torsion on Sigma-1 piston

HPE Press Custom Inquiry

HPE Press - Customized Project Inquiry
Development of customized high-pressure / high-temperature press solutions

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