Cooling System

The cooling system consists of two precision-machined steel plates that are assembled to the top and bottom sides of the STRECON container by prestressing. The cooling system is closed and directs the cooling water to and through the vertical cooling channels while protecting the STRECON container from undesirable corrosion attacks. The system is tight up to 8 bar water pressure and can be used for small, medium, and large belt type systems.

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Cooling system for direct cooling of the carbide die in a belt type system
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STRECON Container for the Belt Type System made by the stripwinding technique

Container for the Belt Type System

Wear Ring & Cooling Ring to mount on top and bottom side of die container

Wear Ring & Cooling Ring

STRECON Tool Alignment System for horizontal alignment of the die container in a belt type system

Tool Alignment System (ALS)

STRECON Complete Belt-Type Tool System specifically designed for R&D activities

Complete Belt Type System for R&D

STRECON prestressing tool for the Toroid HPS system

STRECON Container for the Toroid System

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