Machines & Equipment Solutions

STRECON has developed several machines and equipment solutions.

Most of the machines are based on the stripwinding technique and have been applied for a compact tool assembly press (TAP),
a hydromechanical tool alignment system (ALS) for the belt type press system, and a hydraulic piston cylinder press (HPE Press)
designed specifically for high-pressure experiments.

Furthermore, STRECON has taken a lead in developing a robot machine system, called Robot Assisted Polishing (RAP),
for surface polishing of 2D and 3D tools and molds.

STRECON Robot Assisted Polishing machine for precision polishing of 2D round, flat, and 3D curved surfaces

RAP Robot Assisted Polishing of Tools and Molds with 2D & 3D Geometry

High-Pressure lab press system for high-pressure experiments

HPE Press System for High-Pressure / High-Temperature Experiments

Tool Assembly Press (TAP) for assembly and dissassembly of metal forming tools

TAP Tool Assembly Press for Assembly and Disassembly of Various Tools and Dies

Tool Alignment System (ALS), a hydraulic equipment solution for horizontal alignment of the die container

ALS Alignment System for Horizontal Alignment of High-Pressure Tooling

STRECON customized machine solution for individual customer

Special Equipment Solutions for Individual Customers

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