Our Mission, Vision and Business Model

The STRECON directors Erik Lund and Christian Jepsen showing a STRECON technology


STRECON is founded on strong niche technologies, and our mission is to offer unique tooling and equipment solutions for customers in global industries, to leverage their competitiveness and profitability. In short, STRECON is in the high-pressure and high-precision business.

We direct our resources to those industry segments, technical applications, and customers who can make the best use of our technologies and organizational competencies.


STRECON strives to be a market leader in our technological domain:

• High-performing and reusable prestressing tool systems based on stripwinding and applied to precision forging (PF) (cold and warm), synthesis of industrial diamonds / CBN (HPS), and laboratory HP/HT experiments (HPE).

• Compact tool assembly press equipment based on a stripwound press frame, and designed for easy, accurate, and safe tool setting (TAP).

• Hydraulic piston cylinder press designed specifically for high-pressure/high-temperature experiments (HPE Press).

• Robot polishing of industrial metal forming tools and injection molds (RAP) with 2D and 3D geometries.

Customized machinery & equipment solutions for special production needs.

A STRECON employee working at a production machine
Two STRECON employees working at a machine

Our Business Model

STRECON’s approach to a new customer relationship or project begins with a business case study:

  • How can STRECON’s technologies, tooling, and equipment solutions be of strategic value for the customer?
  • What would be the right technical solution, and at what cost?
  • What would be the expected cost savings potential or other economic gains in running production?

If the business case study turns out positive, it would be relevant for both parties to discuss details of relevance for a pilot trial as well as delivery conditions for running production.

Typically, our key customers belong to the upper market in their industry. They select STRECON as one of their key suppliers due to our niche technologies and delivery of high-quality tooling and equipment solutions. Once established, the suppliership lasts for a very long time thanks to high strategic value for both parties.

Our Business Partners and Key Suppliers

STRECON has several strategic partners and suppliers for developing and continuous manufacturing of our different high-pressure tooling as well as machine and equipment solutions. Our policy is to establish long-term and trustworthy collaborations with our business partners and suppliers in benefit of their continuous technology development, quality in products and processes, and international presence.

ALSMATIK is our strategic partner in developing the electrical system and machine controls for different machine systems including robot polishing, hydraulic press and machine systems, and other production equipment solutions.

Robotmaster is our partner for CAM/CAD robot programming and simulation software that is used for programming the polishing patterns and compiling the robot programs of our RAP machine. The software solution from Robotmaster can also be used for other robotic-based machining like grinding, deburring, milling, boring, etc.

Netform is our partner when it comes to Finite Element Analysis and Modelling (FEA / FEM), and the computer simulation is used in our development process to predict potential problems in mechanical constructions. For example, tooling used for high-loaded metal forming processes or manufacturing of industrial diamonds as well as mechanical structures used for hydraulic presses and other types of machines and equipment solutions for industrial purposes. Computer simulation improves the development and design process and reduces costly and time-consuming try-outs.

In addition to our strategic partners, STRECON has a long history of working with high-quality manufacturers of materials, products, and processes. Among others, we would like to highlight Uddeholm, Element Six, Festo, Bosch-Rexroth, Schaeffler, Siemens, KUKA, ABB, Halder, MÄDLER, SICK, Hawe, Bodycote, and Oerlikon Balzers.

STRECON Business Partners

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