Special equipment solutions

Customized Solutions for individual customers

STRECON develops, manufactures, and services customized machinery and equipment solutions for individual customers.

The customized solutions are developed and manufactured based on STRECON’s engineering and manufacturing capabilities as well as up-to-date manufacturing, assembly, and testing facilities.

STRECON has competencies within tool- and machine construction including analytical and numeric calculations, material- and process knowledge, different manufacturing techniques, machining of hard materials, surface treatment, tool- and machine assembly, etc.

The mechanical solutions also require a significant insight into other disciplines such as hydraulics, pneumatics, servo-, sensor, and measurement techniques as well as in electrical subsystems and machine control, automation of production equipment, etc.

Due to confidentiality detailed information about different customer cases can not be shared. However, a machine and equipment project could be for advanced part pressing, high-precision measuring, high-precision fine machining, and cooling.

After the installation and commissioning, STRECON usually provides both equipment service and spare parts for running production.

STRECON’s broad competencies and specialist knowledge in selected areas enable us to create unique customized machinery and equipment solutions for individual customers in the international marketplace. The overall competence profile is the foundation on which we develop and run our business.

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Examples of special equipment solutions from STRECON

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