HPE Piston Cylinder Press System

STRECON is offering a piston cylinder apparatus designed specifically for high-pressure testing up to approx. 6 GPa and 2000° C. The press frame is stripwound, and the press is equipped with a pneumatic-hydraulic powerpack solution. This unique machine design offers a strong, compact, safe, quiet, and easy to operate press equipment. To ensure correct test conditions of the high-pressure cell, the control panel allows for easy reading, adjustment, and data log of the applied pressure and temperature of the test cell.

The overall equipment dimensions for a HPE 320T press are W1450 x D700 x H1710 mm and include the electrical cabinet and hydraulic power pack. The total press weight including the high-pressure tooling is approx. 1200 kg. The 320T press force can be split between the end-load and the cell process pressure, with a maximum of 90T for cell process pressure.

The cooling and cell heating systems are integrated into the HPE press and provide a simple and cost-effective separation of the press equipment from the high-pressure tooling. The vessel is placed on a sliding table which both offers an easy and safe setup of the high-pressure experiment outside of the press, and a safe and easy alignment of the vessel inside the press.

The piston cylinder press can be offered up to 1000T in total press force, which can be split and adjusted between the needed cell pressure and the end-load. This is also a unique product feature of the STRECON HPE press.

Examples of HPE systems:
Process pressure of 5,8 GPa can principally be achieved with ø14 mm bore size, and
Process pressure of 3,2 GPa can principally be achieved with ø19 mm bore size.

The press is built to order and based on a mutually approved equipment specification. Normally the equipment project includes both the press and the high-pressure tooling.

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Piston cylinder press system with end load designed for high-pressure experiments
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