PTS - Prestressing Tool System / H-Type

PTS is a new tool system developed for horizontal press machines and designed to substitute the standard tool system. PTS consists of a housing that is clamped directly to the press machine. The die set is preassembled before being inserted into PTS, and then a top lid is mounted at the front of PTS while providing axial prestressing to the die set. The forging die itself is radially prestressed by a high-strength stripwound container.

PTS is offering additional strength and controlled prestressing of the die set compared to a standard tool system and is offering a unique capability to improve the service life of both the forming die and the prestressing tool system itself. Specific calculations are required in each case.

PTS is with design modifications applicable for cold forging processes running at Hatebur as well as Sakamura, National, Nedschroef, and other horizontal formers.

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Prestressing tool system for horizontal press machines
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