Product overview

Prestressing Tool Systems & Others

Prestressing Tool Systems & Others

Precision Forging (PF)

Prestressing tool solutions and systems for precision forging and comparable metal forming applications.

Applicable for cold, warm, and hot forming processes.

High-Pressure Synthesis (HPS)

Prestressing tool solutions and die alignment system for the belt type system and the Toroid anvils system.

Applicable for the manufacturing of industrial diamonds / CBN products up to 80 kbar pressure level.

High-Pressure Experiments (HPE)

Prestressing tool solutions and systems for HP/HT experiments performed by end-loaded and non end-loaded vessel systems.

Applicable for HP/HT experiments up to 50 kbar pressure level.

Carbide Tooling from Japan

High-quality carbide tooling from Japanese tool manufacturers.

Applicable for processes like cold forming, cutting, and punching as well as other wear parts.

Yaw Ring Measuring System

Mechanical system for measuring the tooth clearance of the gear profile of a wind turbine yaw ring.

Applicable for yaw ring with gear module 16 Z=15 but subject to customization.

Machines & Equipment

Machines & Equipment

RAP Robot Precision Polishing of 2D & 3D parts

Robotic machine system for precision polishing of tools and molds with 2D and 3D geometry.

Applicable for metal forming tools and injection molds.

HPE Press for HP/HT Experiments

HPE-Press for high-pressure and/or high-temperature experiments.

The HPE-Press is designed for 320T in press frame but can be customized to other press needs.

TAP Tool Assembly Press up to 650T

Hydraulic press for assembly and disassembly of various metal forming tools.

Applicable for press fitting of tools needing up to 650T in press force.

Felss Forming Machines

Forming machines for rotary swaging and axial spline forming at room temperature.

Applicable for forming of high strength / lightweight parts with high precision.

Special Equipment Solutions

Development, manufacturing, and delivering of machinery and production equipment for individual customers.

Applicable for multi-disciplinary production equipment solutions involving for example part pressing, precision measuring, cooling, and fine machining.

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