RAP - Robot Assisted Polishing of 2D round, flat, and 3D curved surfaces

Robotic machine system for precision polishing of tools and molds with 2D and 3D geometry.

Applicable for metal forming tools and injection molds.

Further information about the technology can be found under the technology section here.

Watch the STRECON videos of the Robot Assisted Polishing (RAP) machine here.

Polishing of round component with the RAP 2D Round technique

2D Rotation-Symmetric Surface Polishing
Polishing of round components

Polishing of plane surface with the RAP 3D Flat technique

3D Polishing of Plane Surfaces
Polishing of plane surfaces

Polishing of double curved surface with the RAP 3D Curved technique

3D Polishing of Curved Surfaces
Polishing of double curved surfaces

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