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STRECON was originally founded on the technology of stripwinding and applied as prestressed tooling systems for cold forging dies.

Over the years, the technology has evolved into different high-pressure applications, as well as prestressing of press frames applied for STRECON’s own hydraulic tool assembly press known as TAP.


In recent years, STRECON has developed a robotic machine system for high precision surface polishing of 2D and 3D forming tools and molds known as RAP.

STRECON is also developing customized machinery and equipment solutions for individual customers. Contact us to learn more about our customized solutions.

STRECON pursues patent and IPR protection of the most innovative and promising developments.


Prestressing By Stripwinding

Winding of small and large tools

Prestressing and the stripwinding technology used for tooling solutions for Precision Forging, High-Pressure Synthesis / CBN, and High-Pressure Experiments.

Tool Alignment System

The STRECON Tool Alignment System used for horizontal alignment of die container (belt) applied for High Pressure Synthesis (HPS)

Hydraulic machine system used for horizontal alignment of die container (belt) applied for High-Pressure Synthesis (HPS).

Hydraulic Press & Machines

The concept of hydraulic power solutions in press machines

Hydraulic press machines used for tool assembly of forming tools by press fitting, and for High-Pressure Experiments (HPE).

Robot Assisted Polishing

The STRECON Robot Assisted Polishing machine for surface polishing for 2D and 3D molds and tools

Robotic machine system used for high-precision surface polishing of tools and molds with 2D rotation-symmetric geometry as well as parts with a flat surface or 3D geometry.

Special equipment solutions

Special equipment solutions

Multi-disciplinary competencies applied for customized machinery and equipment solutions developed for individual customers.

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