Tool Alignment System (ALS)

The tool alignment system (ALS) is designed for the horizontal alignment of the die container in a belt type system. The system consists of special-designed hydraulic cylinders which are assembled on guide plates and take part of the top and bottom anvil systems. The alignment system is designed as a hydraulic parallel system that practically eliminates any tilt behavior of the belt (or the stripwound container), and even 0,1° maximum tilt of the die container can be obtained. Specific design considerations and calculations are required in each case.

The key merits of the alignment system are improved process stability of the high-pressure cycle, improved product yield, improved carbide life, and improved uptime of the high-pressure press.

The alignment system can be applied to all belt type systems but assumed most effective for medium and large system sizes, i.e. die containers larger than ø1000 mm. The alignment system is a separate machine system and I/O connected to the master control of the high-pressure press. 

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Tool alignment system for manufacturing industrial diamonds / CBN products
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