Tool Assembly Press (TAP)

TAP is a hydraulic tool press for assembly and disassembly of various tools and dies by press fitting.

The tool assembly press has the unique capability of being very strong and compact which is obtained due to a stripwound press frame as well as applying a high-pressure hydraulic system solution.
This exclusive press design ensures that the press remains in a fully compressive state even at max press load.

The stripwinding of the press frame also makes the press much smaller and lighter compared to conventional steel constructions, and the hydraulic tool and die assembler from STRECON weigh less
than half of a standard tool press.

The die assembly press is also very safe, ergonomic, and easy to operate with a control panel placed next to the press table providing a great view of the press operation, and a hoist on a
sliding table outside of the actual press room for placing the parts subject for press operation.

The assembly press is offered with press force from 100 ton up to 1000 ton.

The Tool Assembly Press 300T to 650T

TAP 300T / 650T
Assembly press with higher press force

The Tool Assembly Press with press force 250T to 500T

TAP 250T / 500T
Press design for tool assembly

The Tool Assembly Press with press force 100T to 150T

TAP 100T / 150T
Assembly press with lower press force

A custom Tool Assembly Press

TAP - Custom Inquiry
Customized press solutions

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