TAP 100T / 150T

Hydraulic tool press with press force at 100 metric tons or 150 metric tons and designed for assembly, die setting, and disassembly of tools and molds by press fitting. The construction is very strong and allows for a compact and ergonomic design. Even at max press load, the press frame is designed to have minimal deflection.

The overall equipment dimensions for the TAP 100T / 150T press are W565 x D800 x H2100 mm, and the total weight is approx. 1100 kg. The available workspace dimensions are W373 x D495 x H350 mm.

The press is equipped with a 250bar pressure hydraulic powerpack, proportional valve technique, and easy to operate for manual pre-setting and adjustment during operation of the required pressure force. The tool assembly press is also equipped with an adjustable idle speed function on the low-/high-pressure circuit, and the cylinder speed under tool loading is 0-10 mm/sec. and activated when needed (max at 25T).

The front side of the assembly press has been reserved for tool handling. The control panel is placed next to the press table and provides a perfect view of the press operation.

The TAP machine is very safe and cannot be operated with an open door. However, for axial prestressing of the die set, the operator is allowed safe and easy access for mechanical locking of the tooling with a special spanner while the tool stack is kept under static pressure. This design feature offers a smooth, controlled, safe, and user-friendly operation of the assembly press.

The hydraulic power pack and electrical cabinet have been integrated into the press body, which makes it easy to install or relocate the equipment by means of a forklift. The tool assembly press can easily be installed in the production line or workshop area, and it is simply connected to the power - and pneumatic air supply.

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Tool assembly press with press force from 100 ton to 150 ton
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