STRECON Competences

STRECON has developed several competencies throughout the years. We aim at excellence within our application fields:

A small and a larger stripwound container being made by stripwinding

Prestressing technology by stripwinding

The original idea of STRECON was prestressing by stripwinding.

The technology was initially developed for advanced cold forging applications but has over the years been developed and matured for a broad range of stripwound container applications including cold and warm forging, synthesis of industrial diamonds/CBN, high-pressure experiments at universities and research centers, and other high-pressure applications.

Over the years the technology has been developed for complete tooling and equipment solutions, see the Technologies and Product sections for further details.

Stripwinding up to ø2000 mm. of tool and frame bodies.

Hydraulic Press

Based on the stripwinding technology, STRECON has developed a hydraulic piston cylinder press, marketed HPE Press, designed specifically for high-pressure testing up to approx. 6 GPa and 2000° C. The HPE press frame is stripwound and the press is equipped with a pneumatic-hydraulic powerpack solution. This unique machine design offers a strong, compact, safe, silent, and easy to operate press equipment. The press can be offered up to 1000T in total press force, which can be split and adjusted between the needed cell pressure and for the end-load of the overall tool system. This is also a unique product feature of the STRECON HPE Press.

Furthermore, STRECON has developed a hydraulic press unit called TAP for tool assembly and disassembly, which currently is available up to 650 metric tons in press force. The press frame is stripwound and even at max press load, the frame would stay in a fully compressive state.

A STRECON high-pressure experiments hydraulic press
A Robot Assisted Polishing (RAP) machine polishing a specific part

Robot Assisted Polishing

In addition to the stripwinding technology, STRECON has taken a lead in developing a robotic machine system for precision polishing of tools and molds with 2D and 3D geometry. The machine system is marketed as RAP® – Robot Assisted Polishing and is applicable for metal forming of tools and injection molds. 

RAP is inspired by and based on the skills and profession of hand polishing. With RAP the polishing work is transferred to an industrial robotic machine system, and the genuine idea of RAP is to assist the polisher to do most of the polishing work, and by that leaving the machine settings, quality control, and final polishing to the skilled polisher. 


Tool Alignment System for HPS Applications

STRECON has recently developed a hydraulic equipment solution for horizontal alignment of the die container applied to the belt type press system. The equipment has been named ALS, which is an acronym for Alignment System.

The system technology is based on a 2-string hydraulic system that has been integrated with each anvil tooling (upper and lower tooling). One string focuses on the horizontal alignment of the die container while the second string is designed for controlled vertical movement of the two anvil assemblies into the die container.

The alignment system can also be adapted for the Toroidal 2-anvils press system.

The ALS system would be subject to customization in each project because of the complexity and different customer needs.

The Tool Alignment System (ALS) machine for horizontal alignment of a die container.
Customized machinery for a specific customer

Customized Machinery & Equipment Solutions

As a separate business activity, STRECON is developing, manufacturing, delivering, and servicing customized machines and production equipment solutions for individual customers. These equipment projects are applicable for multi-disciplinary production equipment solutions involving for example part pressing, high-precision measuring, cooling, and high-precision machining.


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